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Social media platforms have leveraged the evolution and growth of internet usage across the world. The last decade has seen a marked increase in the number of online users, primarily due to these platforms. With famous sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, allowing regular users to create an online presence, many new platforms have been evolving to cater to different market segments. As people of the world are busy building their lives online, these social media sites are shouldering the responsibility of managing volumes of data and traffic to ensure a seamless experience to thousands of users every day, which is no mean feat.

Today, we are here to talk about the web hosting needs of a social media site and the benefits offered by Cloud Server Hosting to these sites.

1. Efficient management of high volumes of data

Social media sites have been designed to allow people to socialise and exchange information. Hence, one can find a constant exchange of information, including text, images and videos between users. From a web hosting perspective, this means thousands of gigabytes of data passing through the web server every minute. These are high volumes. Hence, social media sites need a website hosting service that can manage such high volumes efficiently to ensure that the site’s performance remains unaffected.

In Cloud Hosting, the site resides on a server that is backed by a robust cloud storage system. Hence, it allows Cloud Hosting providers to manage such data volumes with ease.

2. Fast-loading sites

Social media sites receive thousands of visitors every day. While a new website might take some time getting started, once people start liking the services, the numbers can grow exponentially overnight. While there are various ways of managing site traffic, a site that loads quickly can help process more requests per second, leading to better traffic management. Since individual requests are handled faster, users tend to spend more time going through the site and raising more requests.

Cloud Hosting replicates your site’s data across the cloud storage network. It helps to improve the loading time of the website. Also, many Cloud Hosting providers use caching solutions and content delivery networks to boost the speed of the site by 1000x!

3. Backups

For a social media site, data security is of paramount importance. Most hosting plans deploy the latest security tools and take all precautions to ensure that the site’s data is protected at all times. However, despite the security measures, a hacker or virus can get through the defences and endanger the site’s data. Hence, a site backup is necessary for all sites.

Most Cloud Hosting providers offer automated daily backups to ensure that you have a working copy of the site available at all times. Also, they usually use redundant storage solutions like Ceph that replicates data across three storage locations further widening the safety net for your site’s data.

Summing Up

While Cloud Hosting offers a range of features and benefits like maximum uptime, resource and cost-scalability, ensure that you assess your site’s hosting needs and research the options available to you before you buy a Cloud Hosting plan. Good Luck!

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