Ecom Elites Reviews The Ultimate Dropshipping Course Online

Have ever played a video on YouTube and a person promoting their business course appeared as a commercial? We all did. There are so many courses trying to convince you to give them money and learn how to become an e-commerce entrepreneur.

Some of them are really good, but they are all a copy what a long time ago established Franklin Hatchett. The program called Ecom Elites is probably the first course that was teaching people how to become successful on the internet by selling on the web pages meant for this.

The course is still active and it is still one of the best out there. In this article, we’ll make an eCOM Elites course review and we’ll tell you how to make the best of it.

How does the program work?

The first thing you should do when you log in is to choose which one of the two options you prefer. The first one is more affordable and the second one is more expensive but it includes lessons in handling some situations that you’ll find very useful in your work such as sales funnels, social network ads, etc.

When you start with it, you’ll learn how to set up your own store on Spotify which is the number one place for creating small online businesses. Then, you’ll learn how to find, pick, and sell products on your store using third party sources. Like the AliExpress web page which is one of the biggest e-commerce pages in the entire world.

In the more expensive but also full of useful information Ultimate package that this program offers, there will be a clear explanation of how to use social media ads and what is needed to make the best of them. Social media today is the key to online business success. However, followers and money don’t just fall off the sky, you need to know how and when to act.

Facebooks ads

With almost 2.4 billion users, Facebook is the mother of all social networks. It is so big that the US court rules a $5 billion sentence to it for not following some governmental rules. Almost everyone you know exists virtually on this platform.

That’s why Facebook ads are so important. The course teaches you how to set a proper ad and make sure you target it well. Some people think that all you have to do is give them money to Facebook and they’ll do the job for you, but it’s not like that. You need to know what you’re doing, or else, your money will be lost in the great ocean of people who are not interested in your business.

Instagram ads

If you use Insta you probably saw that more often than not a commercial about some product appears in your feed. Depending on the products you’ll decide to sell, Instagram can be of enormous help.

This program will guide you to understand how things roll on this social network. Even though Instagram is way smaller in numbers than Facebook, it’s still more important in some sections – like beauty products, training gear, and similar.

The Instagram influencers are a huge deal here. Learn how to communicate with them and learn which influencers are best for some of your products. They can be more useful than a simple InstaAd.

Ecom Elites Reviews The Ultimate Dropshipping Course Online

Google Ads

This is the place where big players go. Google is everywhere, literally, and they charge for this fact. If you’re handling a good budget you should consider this option too. However, just like we said for the previous examples, you need to know how to invest your money properly.

Even though Google never used to be a place where dropshipping had their way around, today it is one of the most important platforms to invest in order to get more clients to your internet space. This, of course, will get you more customers. Learn more about Google Ads here.


Everyone on the internet is trying to earn some money. Some want to learn how to do it and those who think they have what it takes to teach you how to do it. Be smart in choosing who you’re going to trust to. Learn only from the best if you want to be successful.

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